Certified masseuse L1 Mån/Tis HT-24 English/Swedish

Who is this course for?

This course will be in English/Swedish

The training to become a certified masseuse is aimed at those who want to learn how to give a relaxing, beneficial and professional classic Swedish massage. After the training, you can safely work as a masseuse. We have trained everything from new students, yoga teachers, personal trainers, preschool teachers and retirees. The training is suitable for all ages and professional groups, no prior knowledge is required. You can work as a masseuse full-time, have it as a side business or be able to give your loved ones a really good massage.

How is the training organized?

The training is every other weekend, which allows you to train while working full-time. The internship is always teacher-led and you get ”hands-on” help, a winning concept compared to online courses.

The training is interspersed with theory and practical elements. The course is divided into blocks, each block contains a body part, e.g. back. This has proven to be a good educational model, which many have appreciated. Which also makes it easier if you miss an educational opportunity or want to repeat that particular block another semester.

During the semester, you will provide student treatments with a focus on the blocks. You get to practice meeting real clients, the purpose of this is for you to become comfortable in your professional role.

Topics covered

– Anatomy and physiology
– Swedish classic massage
– Massage grip
– Ergonomics
– Symptoms and injuries
– Pedagogical treatment of the client
– Record keeping (Anamnesis)

Can I work as a masseuse directly after the training?

Yes! Because we put a lot of focus on the practical aspects, you will feel confident in being able to give professional treatments and also be able to charge for it.

Can I work abroad?

Swedish classical massage is a recognized form of massage, which makes it possible to work around the world.

Course start The training takes place every second weekend, Monday – Tuesday. 16 days in total. 128 hours.
Location Norra skolgatan 19, Lilla studio Malmö

We look forward to your registration!

Start: 2/9-2024 v36
End: 10/12-2024 v50
Length: 16 days, Monday and Tuesday every other week
Ord. Price: SEK 18,500

Earlybird: SEK 17,500 (until 31/7-24)

Places left: 8 pcs

Status: Registration open